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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Upcycled Sparkly Peg Bag..

I love upcycling and creating something new that has a purpose.

I upcycled this new peg bag a while ago (upcycled new peg bag ). 

I created a few years ago and It lasted a few year but towards the ends of last summer, it went a bit green with forgetting to bring it inside after using the pegs. 

I brought a new plastic one from the shops and it lasted 2 week!! Grr...

The hook broke off it straight away. It only cost a few pounds, so you can hardly take it back to the shops for your money back; can you!?

Now it is time to up-cycle another one that will hopefully last as long as my pink one did. Or  lot longer than the plastic one did!

I picked this sparkly top up from a charity shop a few years ago in the summer for about 50p. 

When I got around to wearing it the sequins under the arms were a little sharp. 

So it just got stored in my wardrobe until I could find some use for it.

How cool is upcycling and repurposing things?

What you need:
  • Sleveless top
  • Small coat hanger
  • Sewing machine or needle and cotton

What I did:
  1. First up I took the clips off the end of the coat hanger.
  2. Then I got set sewing the bottom of my top.
  3. The sewing machine kept stopping as the sequins kept getting stuck under the foot so I found some nice strong cotton and sewed it by hand.
  4. Next up sew the arm holes so not to lose your pegs.
  5. Pop your coat hanger in and you have finished!! 

One upcycled peg bag waiting in the wash room for Spring when the clothes can be hung out again..

What do you think of my new sparkly peg bag?

No one will have one like this on their wash line, will they?



  1. What a brilliant idea and much better than the plastic one in the shops. I wonder how much they would charge for what you have made here? The v neckline makes a perfect hand entry to grab those pegs and the fact the sewing is restricted to a small amount you can do by hand really appeals to me. I shall be looking in the charity shops for sequined tops now, watch out for bespoke peg bags in our properties! Thank you so much for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

    1. Aww thank you Fiona, I love to up-cycle things. I love to see how they turn out too. Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Love this! What a great idea. #Trash2Treasure

  3. What an awesome peg bag Claire! Nothing like a bit of bling to brighten up your washing line!!

    1. Thank you Jill. I can not wait to see it sparkling in the sunshine :)

  4. What a great idea! It is the perfect shape and the sparkles will be blindingly gorgeous in the sun.
    Made my way here from Creative Mondays.
    Jazzy Jack

    1. Lovely to meet you, stopping by your blog now to have a read :)


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