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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Upcycled Valentine Shoes...

I up-cycled the some hearts onto these shoes a few years ago and I love them.

Trouble is the shoes are a little bit tight.

So they only get an outing around Valentines Day!!

I teamed these shoes up with some black jeans and my gold knitted tunic.

Also wore a long sleved t-shirt underneath as it is so cold here...Brrr!!

Love is in the air!?

I love drinking my tea from this heart mug!!

How beautiful are these flowers my husband brought me for valentines day!?

Shame he is working today.

Must make a nice tea for him later ;)

With a bottle of wine..

What are you plans for today?

Happy Valentines Day :)



  1. So many great Valentine things in this post. I especially adore the glitter flats you made. They certainly spice up your simple outfit too.

    Claire I must say I adore the banner and design of this new blog. I am looking for a blog designer. Can we talk about that? Please let me know. Thanks, Ada. =)

    1. Hi Ada, thanks for the lovely comment :) Yes you can email me with any questions you have lovely ..

  2. Those shoes are just AWESOME!!! I want some!! :) X

  3. Aww! Those shoes are so fun! And yes, even if they're a little tight, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get them out!


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