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Saturday, 26 March 2016

10 Easter Ideas To Make With The Children This Weekend...

Me and my daughter love to craft and bake yummy cakes. When she has time off school, especially at Easter and Christmas we love to share ideas on how to get crafty.

First up we write lists, we love making lists!

Today I am sharing 10 ideas to keep your little ones busy this weekend.

10 Easter Ideas To Make With The Children This Weekend:

1.) Bake:

Make some fun Easter Chocolate Cupcake. Everyone in our house loves cupcakes and how sweet are these Easter cupcakes?

2.) Craft:

Have fun making an Easter bonnet. You can pick up Easter bits up all over at the minute. Pound shops are usually my favourite for finding a bargain. This has and all the accessories were from the pound shop so it only cost a few pounds in total to make.

4.) Make Some Cupcakes:

Easter Jelly Been cupcakes anyone? How sweet are these? Again you can pick up the little chicks from the pound shops. They make them look so Easter-y!!

4.) Get Creative:

Decorating eggs with ribbons. Maybe poop a little hole into both ends of the egg, get all the egg out of the and then paint or decorate them. So much fun!!

5.) Bake Some More:

Oh, so yummy Vanilla Easter cupcakes. Nest egg cupcakes make a perfect Easter treat.

6.) Paint:

Paint some old bottles or as mention above, eggs. How love are these painted bottles?

7.) Bake with The Kids:

Make some Easter Carrot Cupcakes. So adorable!

8.) Think Of Something Different:

Decorate some eggs and make a nesting feature. Sweet eh?

9.) Make Muffins:

Tasty Chocolate Chip Easter Muffins.. Muffins always taste great!

10.) Design An Easter Wreath:

Make an Easter Wreath with things you find in the garden. A nice Spring wreath.

What do you think of my 10 Easter Ideas To Make With The Children This Weekend?
Let me know if you try any of the ideas above.

Have you got any fun plans for this weekend?

Happy Easter ...



  1. wunderschöne Ostergeschenke. Diese Flaschen finde ich soo zauberhaft. Wieder einmal so interessant auf deine Seite zu gucken.
    Ich wünsche dir frohe Ostertage

    1. Thank you Susa, I am so glad you like my blog :)


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