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Thursday, 7 April 2016

8 Easy Ways To Get Your Children To Eat More Fruit..

How much more fun is eating fruit? 

Especially when it is already washed and chopped up ready to eat? 

My children are more likely to eat fruit when it is already prepared. It make it much more appealing for the children to eat straight away too.

Today I am sharing 8 Easy Ways To Get Your Children To Eat More Fruit:

1.) Watermelon Stars:
  • How much fun are these watermelon stars? Slice up your favourite watermelon and cut out some sweet little star shapes using a small cookie cutter. Heart shaped ones are fun too.

2.)  Fun Fruit Drinks:
  • Add some slices of fruit to your children drinks, Alos add ice and add a straw. Tasty!! Once the drinks have been drank, give them fork to eat all the yummy fruit at the bottom of the jar.

3.) Adding Fruit To Your Yogurt And Granola Snacks:
  • Making yoghurt, fruit and granola treats are so much more fun. Me and my children love making these.

4.) Adding Blueberries Or Seasonal Berries To Muffins And Cup Cakes:
  • Cakes are so much more yummy with blueberries in them as they burst when cooking. Making their yummy tastes go all over the cakes. Seasonal berries are perfect for adding to cakes. How yummy are these!?

5.) I Heart You Strawberries:
  • Hull and take the stalks off the strawberries, cut into half and place a small heart cookie cutter over them. How sweet? We love making these. Perfect for sharing with someone you love too.

6.) Fruit Smoothies:
  • My children's favourite fruit treat. Smoothies!! I love making them too. Especially after a run or a trip to the gym.

7.) Summer Berries On Your Morning Cereal:
  • Seasonal berries o you breakfast, yummy!! Strawberries are our favourites. We also love chopped up banana!!

8.) Any Fruit On Top of Pancakes:
  • On top of you morning pancakes or add a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate chips as an afternoon treat. 

8 Easy Ways To Get Your Children To Eat More Fruit.
What do you think of his post?

How do you like to eat your fruit?


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