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Sunday, 8 May 2016

5 Ways To Eat More Spinach...

We love spinach in our house and this is great because is really good for you and is full of vitamins.

Today I am sharing some yummy ideas to add more spinach into your diet:

1.) My favourite way to add more spinach into mine and the children's diet is in smoothies. They taste so yummy with banana, peanut butter and skimmed milk.

2.) It is fun added into a salad full of rainbow coloured fruit and vegetables.

3.) How about adding some onto you ready made or home made pizzas?

4.) Tasty in a beetroot and feta cheese salad...

5. ) Why not try it in your savoury baked cheese and onion pinwheels?

Do you like to eat spinach?

What is your favourite way of eating it?


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