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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Garden Plans 2016..

I love my little garden. I especially notice how much I loved it, when you can not go out in it as its too cold throughout Winter. This year I am planning a make over on the garden.

Everything happened at the end of last year. I have no flowers. Mollie the Collie dug holes all over and although I have filled them in with soil, it has bold patches. The shed's make over need finishing off. The outside table went rusty and the lawn mover broken!

Here is a few of my garden plans:

1.) Grass seeds need laying.
2.) Finish the shed makeover off.
3.) Dig out some wide borders for a nice flower bed.
4.) Plant lots of flowers.

5.) Plant lots of colourful things to bring some life back into my garden.

6.) Buy a nice new table.

 7.) Plan more afternoon meals outside.

8.) Grow some pink and red roses.

9.) Plan afternoon drinks outside.

10.) Get the BBQ out of the shed, give it a clean and start using it.

Did someone mention parties?

Make it somewhere fun to relax...

What are you garden plans this year?



  1. Very nice pictures. Well done.
    Enjoy the gardening.
    LG susa

  2. Looks lovely already! We need to get out and enjoy our outdoor space more often seems like we only do when we're throwing a party or having people over!

    1. Thanks for the comment Heather, so much to do :)

  3. I'm in the middle of a garden makeover. Great plans.


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