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Sunday, 17 July 2016

9 Up-cycle Glass Jars And Bottle Flower Arrangements...

The garden, fields and parks are all now full of colour. Flowers are in full bloom and the poppy fields look stunning!!

Today I am sharing some beautiful flower arrangement ideas for brightening up inside your home too.

 Flowers and wild flowers all look so pretty in a glass vase or any up-cycled old bottles and jars.

1.) How sweet are the little bottles? 

2.) Old bottles of water? 

3.) Old pasta, jam or beetroot jars washed out and labels removed make great flower vases.

4.) Different sized water bottle ideas...

5.) Old curry sauces jars..

6.) Adding coloured sand in makes them look pretty and unique....

7.) Wild flowers look so pretty too. I love to see the big daisy's.

8.) An old odd water glass can look nice with a few picked flowers..

9.) Old wine glasses with a few dried flowers..

Do you like to up-cycle your old glass bottles and jars?



  1. Great ideas! I've upcycled an old jar into a pen pot for a desk space before :)

    1. Whoo great idea Keely, not though of making a pen one! Watch this space, lol

  2. This is such a great idea and it looks just so cute, great idea for upcycling x

  3. Very striking - goes to show less is more

  4. I love using glass bottles to display flowers in. It's such a simple idea but so pretty too.

  5. Amazing idea! The flowers look amazing! And so do the glass jars and bottles!


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