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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Book Folding Art...

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to upcyle old reading books?

Do you have old books you do not want to throw away but are never going to read again?

(I know we do!) What about learning the art of book folding?

We have a shelve full of books in the garden shed and same again in the garage that we are never going to read again.

Have you seen book folding art before? I love it. I have seen so many amazing works of art all over Pinterest.

I am loving this way to up-cycle your old books into something amazing.
Book folding art.

 I have seen so many amazing ideas, from Mum or Dad to Roses or baby feet Elvis Presley!!

On the internet, places like Ebay or Amazon you can buy these neat patterns to make your old books into a work of art but I have found this amazing tutorial on You Tube where you can make your own designs, for free!!

I have been studying, designing and trying them out and I am loving how they make up.

 Watch this space for my latest creations...

It took me a little while to get it. Understand how to make my patterns and fold the books, but now I have I have the book folding bug!!

Book Folding Art, are you a fan too?

Have you tried book folding before and if so what designs have you created?

I would love to see them.

You can share all your talent over on my Creative Mondays blog hop I host on Claire Justine. Please share them here if you have made any, I would love to see them.

Linking up to PoCoLo with Morgan and Stephanie and The Weekend Blog Hop.

More ideas on Pinterest you must check out if you have an interest. You will be inspired!!



  1. very nice pictures.
    best regards

  2. This looks so cool! I love book art and it makes me happy to see books being reused - it's so sad to think of them just being thrown away. x #pocolo

  3. Wow - these look fab. And it looks an intriguing hobby - will be looking out for your creations. Thanks for linking up to #pocolo x

    1. Thanks Stephanie. So far I have 3 started, just need to finish them :)

  4. WOW Claire! I must say you have done a beautiful job on your book art. I am envious of how crisp your folds are. GREAT JOB!


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