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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

10 Afternoon Mini Cake Recipes...

We love afternoon tea. Tea and cakes, what's not to love!?

Do you love afternoon tea too? Planning your own party?

Today I am sharing 10-afternoon mini cake recipes for you to make up for afternoon tea:

Also perfect for any parties, BBQs and weekend treat.

1.) Cupcakes:

How sweet are these Raspberry Cream Cupcakes? Perfectly made up in red polka dot cupcake cases, topped with cream and raspberries. Sweet!!


2.) Macaroons:

Are macaroons the most adorable cakes ever? Not sure, but they are one of my all time favourites!! The only thing to decide is Blackberry Or Strawberry?

3.) Cranberry Cupcakes:

How sweet are these Cranberry Cupcakes? You can also make a tasty drink with these recipes.

4.) Mini Cakes:

 You can make lots of Mini Lemon Coconut Muffins with this recipe.

5.) Heart Shaped Cheesecakes:

How sweet are these Mini- Blueberry Cheesecakes? These heart shape cheesecakes will be the centre of attention at any afternoon tea party.

6.) Bite-Sized Brownies:

Everyone will love these bite-size brownies. Perfect if you're having a few different cakes to serve up Chocolate Brownies.

7.) Black Forest Cupcakes:

Who needs a big black forest cake when you can have these Black Forest Cupcakes?

8.) Carrot And Hazelnut Cupcakes:

Seriously, how cute are these Carrot OrangeAnd Hazelnut Cupcakes?

With the edible hearts and glitter, they make the lovelies cupcakes.

9.) Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

If you love cupcakes and peanut butter and jam why not try out these Peanut Butter And Jam Cupcakes?

10.) Gluten Free Mini Strawberry Frangipanes:

These Gluten Free Mini Strawberry Frangipanes are just so sweet.


What do you think?

Fancy trying any of these recipes out?

If so, which ones would you make first?

I would go for the mini heart shaped cheesecakes, carrot and hazelnut cupcakes and the peanut butter and jam cupcakes!!



  1. thans fpr sharing thhese wonderful cake recipes. si goog looking lovely cakes.
    best regards


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