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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

5 Party Trifle Ideas...

I love trifles!

How about you?

Trifles always remind me of Christmas as we only ever had them when I was younger at Christmas. A posh treat. Nowadays we have them whenever we want them.

Layers of fruit, jelly, custard, cream whats not to love about them?

For me, the easiest recipes are often a keeper. Something tasty, quick and easy always gets my vote.

You will often find me making up a good old fashion traditional English trifle up but then I do like to mix them up a little too!

are you looking for some sweet party trifle ideas?

My favourite ones have to be topped with fresh cream and strawberries! 😎


Here is a lovely collection of sweet party ideas.

5 Party Trifle Ideas:

1.) Christmas Pudding Sundae:

Do you love Christmas pudding but end up buying too much near Christmas and end up sick of the sites of it? How about mixing it up a little!?

 A recipe for leftover Christmas pudding,,, now that is a good idea!

2.) Scottish Berry Trifle:

Love individual trifles? How about making 4 of these up?

3.) California Prune And Armagnac Trifle:

Fancy a trifle with California prunes? What an interesting combination?

4.) Party Berry Trifles:

Party Berry Trifles.

You don’t need to worry about buying fancy glasses for this favourite dessert, just recycle glass jars with nice lids, small chocolate spread jars, jam or yoghurt pots all work well.

Add the jars of trifle to a picnic basket or cool bag for a summery picnic on the beach or at an open-air concert and remember to pack the spoons!

5.) Milk Chocolate Tiramisu:

One of my favourite desserts recipe. How fun are these individual ones?

What would you have in your favourite trifle?


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  1. I've been thinking about making a truffle for Christmas. This has inspired me!


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