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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

IKEA Kitchen Trolley Up-cycled...

I love to read IKEA hack posts. They are always so inspiring. How people can make something look so different with their creative ideas.

Today I am sharing my IKEA upcycled project that I did on this old kitchen trolly that I bought years ago. It was not doing anything at the minute, just stored in the garage until I could think of something to do with it.

Now it will be perfect for BBQ's and Summer entertaining. I am going to make a fun bug patterned tablecloth for it now, methinks. Maybe add a few plant posts on to?

IKEA Kitchen Trolley Up-cycled:

After it's makeover
I picked up this solid wood trolly years ago but never really done much with it. I varnished it slightly but as I ran out of varnish, it never got finished. A good job I never got to finish it now or it would have taken even longer to sand down!!

I had a collection of sandpaper, paint brushes and green gloss in the shed so it actually cost me nothing to upcycle.

Before it's makeover 

First come the hard bit, rubbing all the varnish off it.

Then a good dust down.

A bit more sanding then it was time to paint.

Upside down to start with and a few coats.

It took quite a while getting all 4 sides of each piece of wood coated.

Getting there.

Then I turned it over and painted the top a few times. Not sure it would stand the rain as I did not have any undercoat but hopefully we will remember to pop it into the shed if it does rain!

All finished!! This green is quite bright though, it might be having another makeover soon.

All I need now is some wine and some friends around.

What do you think of this garden trolly makeover?



  1. What a great idea. Now you will use it more.

  2. Perfect way to up-cycle


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