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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How To Make A Proper Malt Loaf...

Happy Thursday.

Are you enjoying the Summer holiday? Are you keeping busy?

Today I have a malt loaf recipe to share with you: Fancy making a Proper Malt Loaf?

Home-made version of the usual shop bought sticky malt loaf made with malt extract, dried fruit, date syrup and black tea. Make ahead, as the longer you store this loaf the more deliciously sticky it becomes.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pear And Raspberry Jam Brioche Tarts...

Fancy making some Pear and raspberry jam brioche tarts?


Monday, 24 July 2017

Ravioli with Walnut Pesto and Parma Ham...

There is nothing better on a summer evening than enjoying a meal al fresco whilst you soak up the sun.

Try this delicious recipe for homemade ravioli with Parma Ham and a walnut pesto.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How To Make Peach Jam & Peach Pie Cocktail..

Today I am sharing a Peach Jam @ Peach Pie Cocktail recipes with you.

How tasty!?


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tips On How To Create A Dish Packed Full Of Flavour – Anjum Anand & 3 Summer Recipes...

Today I am sharing some tips on how to create a dish packed full of flavour – Anjum Anand

Anjum Anand, Indian food expert and founder of The Spice Tailor, shares her expert cooking tips on how to create bold flavour combinations and spice up any mealtime.

Over to Anjum;

I started learning how to cook authentic Indian food at a young age from my mother and her sisters and learnt much more than how to follow a recipe.

There are so many different techniques for cooking an individual ingredient and even when cooking the same dish time and time again, the flavours can vary. 

That’s why understanding how different cooking techniques change ingredients and the resulting flavour is so important. 

Contrary to some Western understanding of Indian food, spices are not used to hide substandard ingredients but are added for health benefits and to enhance the flavour of a meal. 

Having spent my career learning and teaching Indian cooking, I’ve complied some fail-safe tips to create delicious Indian meals.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Italian Herb-Roasted Chicken with Watercress, Sun-Blushed Tomatoes and Salsa Verde...

Fancy trying this Italian Herb-Roasted Chicken with Watercress, Sun-Blushed Tomatoes and Salsa Verde recipe?

In true Italian fashion, here’s a Mediterranean-influenced salad with a whole roast chicken that’s ideal for sharing with friends and family.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

4 Summer Sparkling Elderflower Drinks..

Today I am sharing 4 Summer using the New Sparkling Elderflower drink by Rocks Drinks. A blooming delicious drink from Rocks in Devon is sure to put a spring in your step when you need refreshments on the go. Perfect for making up on a Summers evening on the garden.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Strawberry Prosecco Jam...

Are you looking for a jam recipe with a bit of fizz to it?

How about making some strawberry prosecco jam?

This fabulous jam is just right for serving with scones and clotted cream (and a glass of fizz!) for the perfect afternoon tea.

How to make Strawberry Prosecco Jam:


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Boozy Berries, Gin & Juniper Sauce And Boozy Berries Vinaigrette...

Today I have a Boozy Berries sauce and a Boozy Berries vinaigrette recipe to share with you. The only thing you have to decide is a nice hot dinner or crunchy salad?

Boozy Berries, Gin & Juniper Sauce:


Monday, 3 July 2017

A Berry Boozy Chocolate Cake...

Happy Monday, I hope you have had a lovely weekend?

I have a recipe to share with you today that is perfect for a dinner date or party with your adult friends.

Fancy trying out a berry boozy Chocolate cake recipe?

A decadent dessert for grownups! Yummy!!


Saturday, 1 July 2017

Prawn Courgetti & Sweetcorn Fritters...

Happy  Saturday, have you had a good day?

Me and my Daughter had a lovely trip to Nottingham for a spot of shopping. Tired out now as it was so warm again today.

Today I am sharing this Prawn Courgetti & Sweetcorn Fritters recipe with you: You can buy courgetti (spiralized stands of courgette) in most supermarkets now – or spiralize your own to make these yummy prawn fritters.

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