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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

21 Fruit & Cream Meringues Recipes To Try Out Over Christmas...

Are you looking for some party food to make over the Christmas season?

Do you love meringues sandwiched, broken or topped with fruit and cream? 

If so, I have the perfect Christmas recipes for you:

Eton Mess:

Are you a fan of Eton Mess? A traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream. Delicious.

1.) A classic Strawberry Eton Mess with a low-fat raspberry yogurt twist.

2.) Strawberry And Raspberry Ripple Eton Mess with strawberry swirled meringues. Yum!!

3.) A modern twist with this Rhubarb And Pistachio Eton Mess Sundae.

4.) Berry Amarula Eton Mess. Perfect for dinner parties.


Meringue is a type of crunchy sweet treat traditionally made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Sometimes filled with fruit cream or chocolate.

5.) How about making up this Raspberry Pavlova? Full of juicy raspberries and yummy cream and yogurt.

6.) Chocolate Meringues always go down a treat here.

7.) How about trying these fun Pecan Meringues? A nice little treat, one by one.

8.) One for the adults. I Heart Merlot Wine Infused Meringue. Perfect for a dinner party treat.

9.) Chocolate Macaroon filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache. I love chocolate ganache.What more can I say!? Delicious.

10.) You will love these Pistachio And Raspberry Love Hearts. They are a Valentines Day specail but you can always make them for someone you love at any time of tear, can't you?

11.) This How To Make I Heart Prosecco Merlot Wine Infused Meringue re such a great idea. You will want to make thesetime and time again!

12.) Douwe Egberts Coffee Snow Balls anyone? Just do not gt carried away, throwing them at people :)

13.) How sweet are these Rocks Meringue Kisses? Make these little meringues rippled with coloured, squash flavour swirls and pack them for a posh picnic or impress guests with this simple yet impressive desert.

14.) These Mini Berry Pavlovas are just too cute to eat. Well nearly!!

15.) Some different I Heart Rose Wine Infused Meringue to try.


16.) BerryWorld Strawberry Pavlova looks amazing.  Impress the whole family with this show stopping dessert. Indulgent, light and topped with gorgeous strawberries.

17.) Sticky Brown Sugar Pavlova with Spiced Clementines and Pecan Praline. A real show stopper of a dessert! A delicious combination of light crisp meringue, fresh cream and lightly spiced nectarines with the sweet crunch of pecan praline. This impressive festive dessert is the perfect centrepiece for your table. The sticky brown sugar meringue has a delicious caramel flavour which works really well with the sweet citrus and winter spices.The pecan praline gives extra crunch and another dimension to this show stopper of a dessert.

18.) BerryWorld Strawberry Rose Petal And Pistachio Pavlova. This is a slight Middle Eastern take on one of my favourite puddings. Lashings of sweetened cream flavoured with a dash of rose water, loaded onto a huge sticky meringue round, filled with fresh halved strawberries, topped with crushed pistachios and fragrant rose petals.

19.) How delicious does this Blueberry, Lime and Chia Seed Pavlova look? This gorgeous meringue dessert easier to make than you might think!

20.) Raspberry Pavlova. Delsious.

21.) Persimon® and Pomegranate Pavlova Star. This gorgeous meringue dessert is made with whisked egg whites and caster sugar, piped or spread out into a star shape. It’s slowly baked, then topped with whipped cream, sliced Spanish Persimon® and pomegranate seeds. Perfect for a dinner parties, Christmas or a weekend treat.

So their you have it. 21 Fruit & Cream Meringues Recipes To Try Out Over Christmas.

See anything you fancy making?


  1. Meringues! That's what I forgot to add to the shopping list! lol
    Great ideas... x

  2. I love anything with cream in them. Delicious.


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