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Monday, 5 February 2018

Raspberry Crunch Sundae...

Fancy making a yummy Raspberry Crunch Sundae?

Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon treat.

How To Make An Raspberry Crunch Sundae:

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serves: 4 people

Ingredients For the muesli crunch: 
  • 50g Dorset Cereals fantastically fruity muesli 
  • 10g soft brown sugar 
  • 1tbsp water 

For the topping:
  • 250g Rachel’s Organic Greek style Natural yogurt 
  • 1 tbsp whiskey (optional)
  • 15g soft brown sugar 
  • 75g raspberries

How To Make:

1. Begin by making the muesli crunch, place the muesli, sugar and water into a shallow frying pan and cook for 2 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and it starts to caramelise. Tip: watch carefully to ensure the mixture does not burn. Set aside and cool.

2. Spoon the Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Natural yogurt, whiskey and soft brown sugar into a bowl, gently whisk until glossy and smooth.

3. Break up the muesli crunch into small pieces. Place some raspberries in the bottom of a glass then generously spoon the cream mixture on top followed by the muesli crunch. Repeat the layers; fruit, cream and muesli crunch again.

Recipe and recipe photography courtesy of Rachel’s

What do you think of this Raspberry Crunch Sundae recipe?

Fancy trying it?

National Breakfast Week 22nd – 28th January.

What breakfast recipes will you be cooking up for National Breakfast week?
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  1. Yum that does sound good. Raspberries are always a winner. #MMBC

  2. This looks and sounds so nice. I really love raspberry's and this would make a yummy breakfast #MMBC

  3. I'm not good at eating breakfast but I think I could manage this. It looks so good. #MMBC

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kim, hope you get to try it :)

  4. This looked so delicious it, I featured it in my roundup at Merry Monday tonight! Thanks for sharing!


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