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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

13 Posts You Might Like To Read On Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentines Day.

Love is in the air.

Did you give or receive any cards today?

Today I am sharing some fun Valentines Day posts and recipes that are my favourites, from the ones I have posted over the last few years:

13 Posts You Might Like To Read On Valentine's Day.

1.) How To Make Red Velvet Heart Beet Pancakes:

Red Velvet Heart Beet Pancakes anyone?

Perfect for Pancake Day and for a lover's Valentine’s Day breakfast.

2.) 9 Tips For A Perfect Valentines Day Meal At Home:

Are you going out this Valentine's day or are you planning a nice meal at home?

If you are making someone special, a nice romantic meal at home; I have a post for you.

Today I am sharing 9 tips for a perfect Valentine's day meal at home:

9 Tips For A Perfect Valentines Day Meal At Home.

3.) Tips On The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts:

Bohemia’s Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager’s Tips on the best Valentine’s Day Desserts.

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and for those couples choosing to opt for an intimate home cooked meal, a heavenly dessert is sure to set hearts fluttering at the end of the evening.

4.) Scallops Grilled with Hazelnut Butter, Watercress and Pea Shoots:

Are you looking for Valentine's Day dinner starter?

How about making some of these Scallops Grilled with Hazelnut Butter, Watercress and Pea Shoots?

Scallops Grilled with Hazelnut Butter, Watercress and Pea Shoots.

5.) Salmon Terrine Hearts:

How sweet are these Salmon Terrine Hearts? A perfect Valentine starter if you are making a meal for someone you love!?

Salmon Terrines filled with Primula Smoked Salmon and mascarpone:

A luxurious starter, the creamy filling pairs perfectly with the crunch of the cucumber and the zing of the lemon.

6.) Lamb Valentine Steaks with Redcurrant and Orange Sauce:

Lamb Valentine Steaks with Redcurrant and Orange Sauce.

Are you planning to cook a special Valentine's day meal this year?

Bring out your romantic side and serve your loved one a “valentine” steak for a date night at home.

Cut from the tender lamb loin, valentine steaks are essentially two chops butterflied and flattened to make one chop instead of two.

Their swoon-some shape are just perfect for showing you care.

Lamb Valentine Steaks with Redcurrant and Orange Sauce.

7.) Dark Chocolate Fondant With Watercress Sorbet And Honeycomb:

Fancy making this Dark chocolate fondant with watercress sorbet and honeycomb (v)?

A perfect end of a dinner party or Valentines Day meal off with this sweet treat.

Every element of this dish can be prepared ahead of time, simply cook the fondants at the last minute.

8.) BerryWorld Raspberry and Pistachio Tarts:

BerryWorld Raspberry and Pistachio Tarts - These tasty tarts are the perfect valentines recipe, the juicy raspberries and pistachio flavours perfectly complement each other with the buttery pastry.

Individual tarts with pistachio custard topped with raspberries and chopped pistachios.

BerryWorld Raspberry and Pistachio Tarts.

9.) Pistachio and raspberry love hearts:

Pistachio and raspberry love hearts.

AValentine special. How sweet?

These wonderfully indulgent meringue hearts are sure to melt your Valentine’s heart.

Pistachio And Raspberry Love Hearts.

10.) Gateau au Coeur de Chocolat: 

Valentines Cake. Gateau au Coeur de Chocolat. An irresistible new cake recipe just in time for Valentine's Day, delivered from Bonne Maman with love.

Bonne Maman is one of Britain's best-loved conserves, famous for its signature gingham lids, use of simple, traditional methods and high quality, all natural ingredients.

Combining delicious milk chocolate, velvety beetroot and Bonne Maman's sumptuous Raspberry Conserve for the ultimate Gateau au Coeur de Chocolat.

11.) Heston's Rhubarb Fizz:

Are you looking for any cocktail recipes?

Heston's rhubarb fizz anyone?

"With its deep pink tinge and seductively unusual combination of flavours, this is the perfect Champagne cocktail for Valentine’s Day.." -Heston.

12.) Passion Fruit Bellini Cocktails:

Passionfruit bellini cocktails anyone?

13.) How To Make I Heart Rose Wine Infused Meringue:

I Heart Rose, Strawberry aromas, soft red berry flavours, ripe and fresh. A fresh kiss flavoured with freeze-dried strawberry and raspberry and a touch of lemon and topped with a dried strawberry slice and dipped in I Heart Rose caramel. 

This is our foolproof meringue mixture. 

We use this method whenever we make our meringue kisses, giant meringues, pavlovas or decorative festive meringues! 

Our mixture is so easy to remember a 2:1 ratio of sugar and egg whites.



  1. Wine infused meringue! Yes please! I hope you've had a wonderful day with your lovelies!

    1. Thanks Heather. We didn't do much this year as my Daughters operation was the next day but we made up for it this weekend :)

  2. You always have the loveliest food posts! pinned for the future m'lady. #PoCoLo

  3. Some lovely ideas here.

  4. This is a great Valentine Collection! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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