Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard!

About Me

Hi and welcome to my food blog: I Wasn't Expecting That!. I am Claire, a 40 something year old mum of 4 from Nottinghamshire UK.

Have you ever tried something new and though wow, I Wasn't expecting it to taste that good? That's where the blog name came from.

I love to watch Man V. Food with Adam Richman. He travels America to sample some iconic regional dishes and take on some daunting food challenges.

My idea job would be to travel the UK trying out the most amazing chocolate cakes and treats in just the same way!! Ice cream parlours!? Yes please!!

I have taken my experience of 6 years blogging and putting everything I love in to my new corner of the internet. I Wasn't Expecting That is now a year old! How time flies!!

I love food and made this blog everything based around food, being more healthier!? and in and around the kitchen. I Wasn't Expecting That is already full of the most amazing recipe ideas from around the UK thanks to some amazing people and companies that have let me share their recipes.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead and have lots of new and exciting recipe ideas that I will share with you.

I also have a passion for a nicely set table! Is there anything more beautiful in the kitchen!?

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